About Me


Dr. Amit Sood has over forty years of practice in meditation and is internationally known for his work on resilience, mindfulness, stress management, happiness, and wellbeing.

Dr. Amit Sood is a former Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Sood is the creator of the Mayo Clinic Resilient Mind program and has authored multiple books including The Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness, The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living, Immerse: A 52-Week Course in Resilient Living, and Mindfulness Redesigned for the Twenty-First Century.

Dr. Sood received the 2010 Distinguished Service Award, the 2010 Innovator of the Year Award, the 2013 Outstanding Physician Scientist Award, and the 2016 Faculty of the Year Award from Mayo Clinic. He was honored as the Robert Wood Johnson Health Care Pioneer in 2015. The Intelligent Optimist (formerly Ode Magazine) selected Dr. Sood as one among top 20 intelligent optimists helping the world to be a better place. In 2016, Dr. Sood was selected as the top impact maker in healthcare in Rochester, MN.

Dr. Sood lives with his wife and two daughters in Rochester, MN.