Dear friend,

I am truly grateful to you for trusting me with your time.

The offerings on MyHappinessPal aren’t designed as a systematic course work in meditation. Several apps, individuals and organizations offer excellent instructions in the basics of meditation. A general familiarity with meditation will help you more fully realize the benefits of the suggested meditations on this website.

Our goal is to offer deep insights, meditations and practices that we hope will give you access to authentic uplifting emotions – the key ingredient to happiness.

Every month we bring you a new set of insights, meditations, and practices. I will be practicing the same with you for that month. These offerings have multiple dimensions and multiple layers of depths that you’ll likely discover with repetition.

Sleepitations on this website are meditations to help induce sleep.

No fee is charged for participation in the monthly practices. We won’t collect any information about you to sell to third party.

Here is what we think about happiness: The best way to be happy is to be a source of it. The best way to be a source of happiness is to help someone else be happier.

Like you, we are passionate about building a better world for all. We wish to democratize authentic happiness and truly mean well.

We will be grateful should you choose to share this resource with others as you feel appropriate.

Take care,

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